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The pole that accompanies the vignard … for life!

This is a wooden pole for agriculture and in particular for vineyards characterized by the fact that it includes the lower section, the one in contact with the ground, inserted in a stainless steel support ensuring the life of the pole of several tens of years with the economic savings resulting from this. Excellent for the mechanical harvesting of grapes, for fences, gardening and various.

Production process

  1. For our production we use only turned pine wood poles treated in autoclave, impregnated with preservative salts that ensure durability over time (as required by the current DIN 68800-3).
  2. The posts are then inserted into a stainless steel tube where the upper end is crimped so as to restrict the edge allowing rainwater coming from the top of the pole to passon the extern al surface of the pipe and slide towards the ground leaving the pole dry, ensuring the life of the pole for several decades.
  3. Let’s not forget that our posts are all branded for greater identification.

Wooden Poles “Steinless SMART”

25 cm stainless steel covering for all lengths.
Economically convenient.

60 mm 2,50 mt 80 cm
60 mm 2,75 mt 90 cm
60 mm 3,00 mt 100 cm
80 mm 2,50 mt 80 cm
80 mm 2,75 mt 90 cm
80 mm 3,00 mt 100 cm

* Stainless steel lining length

Purely informative, the manufacturer reserves the right to modify the technical characteristics of the product at any time.

Patent: PC 2007 A 000021

The present invention proposes a pole for wood-type vignards, with at least one portion, near the tip inserted in the ground, covered with impermeable material and in particular covered by a stainless steel jacket, said steel jacket having at least the upper ends and lower having the same outer diameter of the pole, and a central section of slightly larger diameter. This configuration is a consequence of the method for the construction of the pole, which is also the object of the invention, which provides to insert on the pole a sleeve or a tubular element of impermeable material, in particular stainless steel, having an internal diameter substantially equal to the external diameter of the post, and then compress, for example by means of a mandrel, the upper and lower ends of said jacket by tightening them on the wood to reduce the outer diameter of the jacket to the same dimensions as the pole diameter, so as to obtain a certain continuity of the surface external and ensure that rainwater flows along the surface of the pole, without stopping or penetrating inside with the risk of damaging the wooden part. A pole is obtained, particularly for vignards, of limited cost but for which a long service life is guaranteed and which is particularly suitable for the mechanical harvesting of grapes.

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