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Vignard steel pole AGRIPAL 40 x 50

AGRIPAL 40 x 50 steel vignard poles, the ecological solution, economic, guaranteed over time because it is resistant to atmospheric corrosion!

Wooden pole Stainless Wood

Stainless Wood and Smart wooden pole accompany the vignard for life! Excellent for the mechanical harvesting of grapes, for fences, gardening and various.

Wooden poles

Wooden pole with Chromolit-CCB (CCO), pinus debarked poles, turned poles, chestnut debarked poles.

Concrete vignard poles

Concrete poles for vignards, pre-stressed and "vibrato" produced with a method that makes it suitable for mechanized harvesting.


GRIPPLE accessories, GPAK, Gripple Plus, APAK3 metal install (complete).


RINGPAL fence poles with round section with double series of holes, for general use, of perennial duration as in AISI 409 stainless steel.
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